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4 months ago

The Design Rationale for the RacingSparrow 750

The Racing Sparrow is a model RC yacht designed by New Zealander Bryn Heveldt. Inspired by his early sailing experiences…
8 months ago

Radio Controlled Yacht Electrics - For Beginners

To a complete newby the electrics setup and installation may seem quite daunting. It's not easy to work out how everythi…

Radio equipment evolution

The world of remote control (RC) technology has come a long way since the early days of 27 MHz frequencies. While the 27…
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Gary Hirst launches his Racing Sparrow

Launched my sparrow 750 today in moderate wind and she sailed like a beaut. Weight all up 2.1kg, water line was perfect …
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Build a Racing Sparrow in less than 3 hours

Greetings all ... I have been following the forum for a while now and am nearing completion of my first RC yacht, being …
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80% RG65 - Auckland, NZ

Hi, Ive finally completed an 80% RS 650 at 500mm o/all length, beam 120mm. Mast height will be 760mm and bulb weight 370…
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