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2 months ago

Radio Controlled Yacht Electrics - For Beginners

To a complete newby the electrics setup and installation may seem quite daunting. It's not easy to work out how everythi…
3 months ago

Model Yacht Design: Pushing the Limits with Racing Sparrow

The world of model yacht design is one of innovation, precision, and creativity. It offers a canvas for experimentation,…

Gary Hirst launches his Racing Sparrow

Launched my sparrow 750 today in moderate wind and she sailed like a beaut. Weight all up 2.1kg, water line was perfect …
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Build a Racing Sparrow in less than 3 hours

Greetings all ... I have been following the forum for a while now and am nearing completion of my first RC yacht, being …
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80% RG65 - Auckland, NZ

Hi, Ive finally completed an 80% RS 650 at 500mm o/all length, beam 120mm. Mast height will be 760mm and bulb weight 370…
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Bulb Creation from Finland

Because we are going to make I think at least 6 boats for now and more later i made plug for keel bulb out of birch and …
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