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A comprehensive guide for modellers who wish to scratch build a radio controlled model yacht. The book comes with plans of hull, sails and rigging featuring the Racing Sparrow 750mm boat designed by New Zealander Bryn Heveldt. The book is presented in full colour throughout, using step-by-step photography and 3-dimensional illustrations. It explains all materials, tools and required skills and techniques. Only a simple toolset is required and the materials needed are minimal and cheap.

Chapters include: Strip planking the hull, fibreglass strengthening, mold and casting lead keel ballast. Electrics installation, spray painting and masking techniques. Sail making, mast, rigging and tuning of sails.

Featured Gallery Posts

Black Pearl

Hi Bryn, let me introduce you to “Jack Sparrows” sister, Black Pearl, yet to have sail markings done and some rig adjustments.
Regards Royal.


Modified Sparrow

After MUCH playing about with things I now seem to have hit on a winning design planned from the outset to meet our clubs 31” overall length rules. (i.e. almost a RS770 but not quite.)
After three prototypes I’ve arrived at the model shown. Compared to an RS770 she’s slimmer, has more rocker, a much bigger sail plan and modified rigs. She’s pictured with the “A” rig but sails well no matter which one of the available 4 I use. Construction is glass over 3/32 balsa planking with a thin ply deck. Even though I say so myself she sails extremely well and has won almost every race she’s been entered in since completion some four months ago. (We race every week) Named “Loco” mainly because my wife had a new craft die that cut out some pretty locomotive designs she steams along beautifully.

I’d be very interested to sail her head to head against an original RS but I guess I won’t be returning to New Zealand for a while yet so am hoping I can find one in the UK to play around with.
Thanks once more for pointing me in the right direction with your excellent design.
John Goodyear


Kevins stunning RG65

Hi all, Just finished an RG65 RacingSparrow. (I made an 80% size one a while ago, it's in the gallery). Standard hull with 1 layer of 50g glass and epoxy. Deck is 1.5mm balsa with veneer strips on top....

Forum article here

kiwinb 1 1 kiwinb 2 1

Hamish's Twin boats

Hi Bryn, I recently finished building these 2 Racing Sparrow RS750s which i really enjoyed, it was a great project and kept me busy for a few months. They have been for a successful maiden voyage and sail great and now just need a few tweaks in the sail department to get them sailing even better.
Thanks, Hamish Coubray, Auckland

coubray 2