Racing Sparrow RC Yachts - Build a Boat

Racing Sparrow provides a comprehensive guide for modellers who wish to scratch build a radio controlled model yacht.

  • PDF download
  • Detailed plans for Racing Sparrow 750mm
  • Clear illustrations and photos
  • Lists all tools & materials
  • Shows centimeters & inches
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racing sparrow book cover

Are you interested in building your own incredible model RC yacht?

Complete plans

The book comes with plans of hull, sails and rigging featuring the Racing Sparrow 750mm boat designed by New Zealander Bryn Heveldt.

Clear instructions

The book is presented in full colour throughout, using step-by- step photography and 3-dimensional illustrations. It explains all materials, tools and required skills and techniques.

What do I need to get started?

Only a simple toolset is required and the materials needed are minimal and cheap.

What we cover in our boat building eBook

Chapters include:

  • Strip planking the hull.
  • Fibreglass strengthening.
  • Mould and casting lead keel ballast.
  • Electrics installation.
  • Spray painting and masking techniques.
  • Sail making.
  • Mast, rigging and tuning of sails.
*USD. Paypal or Credit Card accepted
internal structure - 3d model illustration

Try some of our free boat plans too

We provide a number of different boat plans that you can build using techniques covered in our full eBook.

You'll be able to get plans for boats of different sizes and specifications.

What our customers say about Racing Sparrow

Being a complete novice, I purchased your book a couple of years ago and built two racing sparrows. Building on this experience I then went on to build, from scratch, an IOM (Triple Crown design). I've since joined a local club and sail virtually every weekend. I've also since modified my Racing Sparrows, (sheeting post,bow bumper, 2:1 pulley system etc), based on my experiences. I would just like to thank you for your endevours which have allowed me to enter a world I never thought was in my reach.

John Sterland, Australia

Coming upon your book, "Build your own Radio Controlled Yacht" in the Napier Public Library, I am hugely impressed. The combination of your superb photos and illustrations with your easy writing style make it a standout publication and I hope it does well for you.

Richard Spence, New Zealand

Thanks for an excellent design in your RG65. I trialled her again today in a solid 20 knots gusting higher and with sails that are not perfect being from thick plastic monofilm and dont feather at all well, more like solid wings. Even so in a steep chop and fingers off the rudder she drove upwind remarkably well, balanced perfectly. Very impressed that a model boat can handle that with a large rig. I found the book excellent. Ive built several big boats, plus a few skiffs and without that resource building such a good boat would have been impossible.

Mike Bennett

Boats built by the Racing Sparrow community

We continue to be amazed at the beautiful model RC boats created by Racing Sparrow customers.  Send your images to

Royal Declerk's - RG65(Foxy Lady) Sisters: 650 & 750, Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia

May 2, 2018

RC Yacht - Royal Declerk's - RG65(Foxy Lady)  Sisters: 650 & 750, Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia

Weighing up the options - Garry Angel, France

May 2, 2009

RC Yacht - Weighing up the options - Garry Angel, France

'Sparrow' based RG 65

May 2, 2020

RC Yacht - 'Sparrow' based RG 65,

Racing Sparrow 750 - Plumridge

Oct 19, 2012

RC Yacht - Racing Sparrow 750 - Plumridge,

Miss Sunshine, RS750 by Terry Plumridge from Vienna Austria. Built for his wife Gertraud. Terry writes "Firstly thanks for writing your book, it introduced me to building from plans, and plank on frame construction, both of which I enjoyed tremendously."

Latest insights from our blog

We share tips and stories from the model boat building community.

6 months ago

80% RG65 - Auckland, NZ

Hi, Ive finally completed an 80% RS 650 at 500mm o/all length, beam 120mm. Mast height will be 760mm and bulb weight 370g. 2mm balsa planking, 1.5mm balsa deck.Fin and rudder from 4mm formica (switch board material). total weight is 650g. I tried it initially using a Micro Magic "C" rig before making a new rig.

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9 months ago

Bulb Creation from Finland

Because we are going to make I think at least 6 boats for now and more…
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16 months ago

Virtual Regatta Inshore

Here is a great way to learn to sail right from your iPhone or Android…
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5 years ago

One Meter RacingSparrow from France

A stunning series of images from Garry Angel in France.
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More about Racing Sparrow

What is Racing Sparrow and who is Bryn Heveldt?

When I was nine years old my father, Ross Heveldt taught me to sail down at Bucklands Beach in Auckland. My wee optimist dinghy was called 'The Racing Sparrow', the nickname my uncle Bruce Curry gave to me when I was a small boy. Apparently I had an abundance of energy.

I studied at Whanganui School of Design and have been a designer / developer since 1998. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Best wishes and happy sailing, Bryn Heveldt.

To contact me please email:

Bryn when he was nine sailing the original Racing Sparrow Optimist down at Eastern Beach, Auckland