racing sparrow gary hirst model yacht sailing upwind

Racing Sparrow Gallery

We provide a comprehensive guide for modellers who wish to scratch build a radio controlled model yacht.

Designed around the Racing Sparrow 750mm Model yacht. Designed in New Zealand. It's a fun build and a fun sail. Easy to transport, cheap to build. Sails like it's on rails.

All the boats you see on this page are home built by amateurs with the help of our boat plans and the construction book.

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If you've completed a new Racing Sparrow or even have one that's old send us in a photo and we'll feature it here! Email your images to

The images are in chronological order. Email us some photos and you'll be at the top of the gallery! We would also like to congratulate everyone on all these fabulous builds. Amazing work on display.

Peter Hill - RS750, Henderson, Auckland

Dec 1, 2023

peter hill auckland racing sparrow, Location: Henderson, Auckland

Fanie Nel - RS750, Krugerdorp, South Africa

Apr 5, 2023

Racing Sparrow Fanie Nel, Location: Krugerdorp, South Africa

Jerry Cashman's RS750, Canberra, Australia

Nov 26, 2022

Jerry Cashmans Racing Sparrow sailing on a still lake, Location: Canberra, Australia

Hello! Here a couple of pix of my Sparrow. She’s been finished for a year or so now but the lockdowns has kept her out of the water largely.

She’s a beaut. Sails beautifully on just the lightest air. Thanks for the design! 

Graham Royle RS750, Cheshire, UK

Apr 12, 2022

A Racing Sparrow model yacht in white livery, Location: Cheshire, UK
Great model plan and book. Here is my recently completed RS. Based in Cheshire, UK, Best wishes, Graham

Andy Saunders + Son, New Zealand

Sep 9, 2021

Andy Saunders and son holding a model yacht, balsa construction, Location: New Zealand

Glue me down!

Aug 1, 2021

A model yacht part way through construction. Glueing the deck to the hull.

Julian Anthony, Kohuwala, Sri Lanka

Jun 4, 2021

Bright coloured sails on this Racing Sparrow model yacht with a striped wooden deck, Location: Kohuwala, Sri Lanka

Jerome Declerck - 2 750s

Dec 3, 2020

Jerome Declerck's  model yacht butterfly

Jerome Declerck - 750

Dec 2, 2020

Jerome Declerck's model yacht pink and purple hull sitting in a cradle

Alan Brown Catamaran Racing Sparrow derivitive, Perth, Western Australia

Jul 23, 2020

A radio controlled model yacht of a paper tiger catamaran. The hulls are both blue and it looks very much to scale of the real dinghy sailboat. It is sitting on a cradle next to a swimming pool, Location: Perth, Western Australia

Alan Brown, Perth, West Australia

Jul 23, 2020

A model yacht posing by a swimming pool, Location: Perth, West Australia

Hi Bryn

I purchased your plans in February (Perth, West Australia) and just thought you may be interested in my first build. Plans are brilliant and so easy to follow.
Attached is a pic of my first attempt. Have already finished my second hull. Just waiting on RC to arrive. I planked with 2.5mm balsa this time and achieved a really smooth hull, no filling required before fiberglassing..
Thanks for the plans 

'Sparrow' based RG 65

May 2, 2020

A red to blue gradient paint job on a model yacht hull, the boat sitting against a wall on display with a large lead bulb keel

Gwyn Alway

Apr 20, 2020

Gwyn Alway's green racing sparrow model yacht hull sitting on the work bench

I bought the racing sparrow book about 18 months ago, didn’t ever think it would take an awful pandemic to prompt me to build it. Now can’t wait to rig and sail it. I opted for flush hatches to run the sheets over the top.

LegoC 750

Jun 19, 2019

Racing sparrow model yacht sailing, the deck is made up from lego bricks

Budi Santoso, Indonesia

Apr 4, 2019

A model yacht sitting on a cradle on the beach, golden sand. The boat has lovely blue wavy graphics at the bow and faux-wood at the back in a swirly transition, Location: Indonesia

Tools of the trade

Feb 2, 2019

A moody image of the materials needed to build a racing sparrow model yacht, layed out very evenly

Jonathon Gillham, New Zealand

Oct 11, 2018

Jonathon Gillham's Racing Sparrow model yacht in bright red colour scheme with an old 90's styled graphics and logo font in bold white, Location: New Zealand

Royal Declerk's - RG65(Foxy Lady) Sisters: 650 & 750, Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia

May 2, 2018

Foxy lady the orange model yacht, an RG65 design by Bryn Heveldt from New Zealand, Location: Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia

A 650 build

Apr 1, 2018

IMG 0235 1024x768

Racing Sparrow 750 - Terry Plumridge, Vienna, Austria

Jan 26, 2018

A white model racing sparrow yacht, sitting on a cradle inside against a white wall and wooden floor, Location: Vienna, Austria

Miss Sunshine, RS750 by Terry Plumridge from Vienna Austria. Built for his wife Gertraud. Terry writes " Firstly thanks for writing your book, it introduced me to building from plans, and plank on frame construction, both of which I enjoyed tremendously."

Sparkly, England

Apr 23, 2017

A white and blue model yacht, racing sparrow design, Location: England

Royal Declerks' Black Pearl, Australia

Apr 2, 2017

The original black pearl rc yacht with a black hull and wooden decking with wooden hatch, Location: Australia

Hi Bryn, let me introduce you to “Jack Sparrows” sister, Black Pearl, yet to have sail markings done and some rig adjustments. Regards Royal.

Royal Declerks' Black Pearl, Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia

Apr 2, 2017

Black Pearl Model yacht - was lost at sea, Location: Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia

DKM247 - Proud RacingSparrow Builder/Owner, Melbourne, Australia

Dec 1, 2016

DKM247 holding his racing sparrow model yacht, Location: Melbourne, Australia

Royal Declerk's cool Multi-Hull, Australia

Jun 11, 2015

declerks black catamaran model yacht, Location: Australia

Dear Bryn, I felt I had to tell you, my beautiful 75, "Jack Sparrow" got away from me due to a radio malfunction and sailed off into the distance across Port Phillip bay to be not heard of again, probably on its way to China?? so have made three land yachts for the grandchildren, sail them at Sandy Point ( Gippsland)

My latest model is a foiling catamaran based on the AC45 (another brilliant NZ design)(very sad to see NZ beaten in the cup) and so "Black Mamba" has evolved.

Yet to do sea trials but if it works as intended will be amazing. Best wishes from Royal Declerck.

80% RG65, Auckland, New Zealand

Apr 25, 2015

An 80% RG65 model yacht with black sails and wooden hull natual, Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Matt - Fly Girl 750

Oct 1, 2014

A model yacht sitting in a cradle without rigging, a black hull with swirly writing that says "Fly Girl"

Mike Wilson's - RS1000 moulded hull and deck, Gold Coast, Australia

Nov 15, 2013

A white model yacht hull and deck molded from fibreglass, Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Build a sparrow in less than 3 hours!

Oct 18, 2013

A free sailing model yacht made from cardboard and cellotape, apparently it sailed quite well for 15 minutes! It was 375mm long and had a proper weighted keel and working sails.

Take a look at the blog section for a full write up about this model.

Hamish Coubrey, Auckland

Sep 10, 2013

two rc model yachts, one blue, the other grey and yellow. They are both racing sparrow 750s, Location: Auckland

Hi Bryn, I recently finished building these 2 Racing Sparrow RS750s which i really enjoyed, it was a great project and kept me busy for a few months. They have been for a successful maiden voyage and sail great and now just need a few tweaks in the sail department to get them sailing even better. Thanks.

Bill Cobb, Zurich

Aug 23, 2013

Bill Cobb standing with his two grandkids who are holding model yachts each, Location: Zurich

Hi Bryn,
I built an RS1000 and had so much fun building and sailing it I decided to build a couple of RS750's for my grandchildren in Zurich. Bit of juggling to get them into a suitcase but the whole project worked well and the boys just love them.
Bill Cobb. - what an awesome Grandad!(Bryn).

Kevins stunning RG65, New Zealand

Aug 1, 2013

Kevins bright green RG65 Racing Sparrow designed yacht looking side on to the yacht sitting in a cradle, Location: New Zealand

Mel Kitson's 750, Watford UK

Jun 5, 2013

Mel Kitson holding up his white racing sparrow 750 model yacht, Location: Watford UK

Hi, Bryn, I enjoyed the build immensely. There were areas where I had some uncertainties, some of which were assisted through the forum posts, and some of which I improvised. All in all I am truly delighted with the end result and now look forward to learning to sail and enjoying many happy hours "playing".

Kind regards, Mel Kitson

Kevins stunning RG65, New Zealand

Apr 1, 2013

Kevins rg65 model yacht with stripy wood in dark light alternating pattern, Location: New Zealand

Hi all, Just finished an RG65 racing Sparrow. (I made an 80% size one a while ago, it's in the gallery).
Standard hull with 1 layer of 50g glass and epoxy. Deck is 1.5mm balsa with veneer strips on top. Single hatch with rubber seals and 3 hold down I fitted the rudder servo into the recessed rear deck. Corona servos DS339HV digital for the sails and CS939 analogue for the rudder, I fitted a greased cork gasket under the rudder servo arm to waterproof the servo. Battery is a 2S 1000mAh lipo with a regulator for the Rx and rudder servo. Radio is Flysky CT6B. laminated ply fin with 2 layers of 50g glass, rudder from balsa with 1 layer of glass. Ballast and fin is 680g. Mast is slightly taller at 1050 so the sails are slightly different to fit within the 2250cm max. All up weight is 1150g.
I'll get sailing pix very soon.

Racing Sparrow 750 - Plumridge, Vienna, Austria

Oct 19, 2012

A beautiful model yacht called miss sunshine, white hull with blue accents sitting on a polished wooden floor, Location: Vienna, Austria

Miss Sunshine, RS750 by Terry Plumridge from Vienna Austria. Built for his wife Gertraud. Terry writes "Firstly thanks for writing your book, it introduced me to building from plans, and plank on frame construction, both of which I enjoyed tremendously."

Rod Patterson, Christchurch, New Zealand

May 4, 2012

A yellow model yacht sitting in a cradle on a green field with controller leaning up against the cradle, Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Rod Patterson, Christchurch, New Zealand

May 4, 2012

A yellow model yacht with the hatch open showing the internal workings and servos, Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

John Sterland, Australia

Dec 28, 2011

Two racing sparrow model yachts, one red, one black sitting on cradles inside a white room, Location: Australia

Mathew Vanderhorst, Australia

Aug 1, 2011

One red and one yellow model yacht sitting on a pontoon about to go sailing, Location: Australia

Martin Whittle, RS750, UK

May 1, 2011

Looking down at a model yacht with pinned striped deck and blue hull sitting on a cradle, Location: UK

An icy looking spot for a 375!

Jan 3, 2011

A woman holding a tiny radio controlled sailboat, a Racing Sparrow 375mm. It looks cold as she is wearing a thick jacket with a hood and scarf.

John Goodyear with his RacingSparrow 750, United Kingdom

Nov 27, 2010

bow of a model yacht, sitting on the lawn. The boat is white, Location: United Kingdom

Andrew Scott - RS1000, Ayrshire, Scotland

Jun 9, 2010

A blue one meter racing sparrow model yacht, sails look rustic and the boat is sailing fast on the lake, Location: Ayrshire, Scotland

Stephen Sutcliffe , Queensland, Australia

Mar 29, 2010

Stephen-Sutcliffe-one-meter-racing-sparrow, Location: Queensland, Australia

Kendal Allcott, Nelson, New Zealand

Feb 11, 2010

A cream coloured model yacht with a wooden deck sitting on a cradle, Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Sparrow I found on the net, looks like an rs1500, Internet

Feb 2, 2010

A large green rc yacht with a finned lead keel sits in a cradle in the living room. The sails are almost touching the ceiling it is so tall, Location: Internet

Graham Long, Auckland, New Zealand

Dec 17, 2009

A side on view of a white model yacht, sitting on a cradle on a green lawn, Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Graham Long, Auckland, New Zealand

Dec 17, 2009

The stern of a model yacht with a varnished wooden deck with a dark circular pattern creating lovely sections and a quality aesthetic, Location: Auckland, New Zealand

John Sheehan's 750 - stunner!

Oct 28, 2009

John Sheehan's dark navy blue racing sparrow model yacht. Very shiney and highly polished, sitting in the backyard

Geoff Lewis, Isle of Wight

Sep 22, 2009

Geoff Lewis's racing sparrow sailing upwind on a greenish lake, Location: Isle of Wight

A reconditioned RS750 by the designer Bryn, New Zealand

Aug 3, 2009

A red racing sparrow model yacht looking at the bow of the boat, Location: New Zealand

One Meter RacingSparrow - Garry Angel, France

Jun 2, 2009

A one meter yacht, a racing sparrow design, cream coloured hull with yellow appendages and semi see-through sails, Location: France

Eric Rosenbaum, USA

May 4, 2009

A racing sparrow sailing downwind on a flat water lake, sails winged either side, Location: USA

Eric Rosenbaum - A fine fine model yacht, USA

May 4, 2009

Sparrow Day 1 E 01, Location: USA

Weighing up the options - Garry Angel, France

May 2, 2009

Weighing a model one meter rc yacht., Location: France

John Goodyear, England

Mar 20, 2009

John Goodyear sitting on the grass with his two model yachts, one on each side, Location: England

Eric Rosenbaum, USA

Feb 2, 2009

A perfect example of a Racing Sparrow model yacht. The sail plan looks to be exactly to the plans given by the designer. Fantastic lines. The boat is sailing upwind with sails in tight and a 30 degree heeling angle, Location: USA

John Clark, Perth, Western Australia

Nov 22, 2008

a red model yacht sailing upwind on flat waters, Location: Perth, Western Australia

Jonathan Daniel

Oct 9, 2008

Jonathan Daniels Racing Sparrow 75 full side shot sitting in the lounge

Bryn's fibreglass Racing Sparrow, Wellington, New Zealand

Sep 2, 2008

Red Racing Sparrow 750 model yacht lying on the grass with a wet hull, Location: Wellington, New Zealand

This red boat is the latest racing sparrow that we've built and put to the test. It has been built for wellington conditions. It has the maximum 1.3kg lead bulb. It has a basic deck structure, no plywood, 1 layer of balsa with a coat of resin-only to save on weight and budget. It uses the more basic hatch construction of plastic sheet taped on with ducktape, very effective and waterproof. The sails are maxed out, being cut very close to the plans, maybe a little bigger, there are no rules about max sail area in the class rules! Another difference on this boat is the mast has been painted black for a different look.

Terry Raggett's - RS750, Portsmouth, England

Jun 4, 2008

A colourful model yacht with red sails and bright blue swirly painted hull, sitting in a bathtub for it's first "float", Location: Portsmouth, England

Miss Sunshine, RS750 by Terry Plumridge from Vienna Austria. Built for his wife Gertraud. Terry writes " Firstly thanks for writing your book, it introduced me to building from plans, and plank on frame construction, both of which I enjoyed tremendously."

Peter Knox, Canterbury, New Zealand

Apr 30, 2008

A sparkly blue model yacht hull with red and translucent sails, Location: Canterbury, New Zealand

Racing Sparrow 1000 - Larry Kin, Sydney, Australia

Feb 11, 2008

RS1000 model yacht, dark green hull with white translucent sails, smoothly sailing fast through the calm green water. Looks almost like a vintage photograph from times gone by, Location: Sydney, Australia

Bradley, Kaiapoi

Dec 29, 2007

A cyan blue model yacht sailing on a lake, Location: Kaiapoi

The woodwards Father & Son team on launch day., New Zealand

Aug 1, 2007

A young lad Woodwards launching a model yacht on it's maiden sail, Location: New Zealand

Little RS375

Mar 9, 2006

A small rc yacht red in colour sitting in a small styrene cradle on a table

Bryn the Authors 750

Jan 19, 2006

a shiney red radio controlled yacht called a Racing Sparrow sailing upwind and leaning over 45 degrees

Racing Sparrow #1 and #2(front)

Mar 1, 2005

A silver and purple model yacht with a white keel sitting on a work bench. Behind this can be seen a blue model yacht hull, the prototype model used for racing sparrow testing

Racing Sparrow #3 - rigging, Auckland, New Zealand

Apr 1, 2004

A nearly finished model yacht sitting on a work bench, Location: Auckland, New Zealand