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Virtual Regatta Inshore

virtual regatta

Here is a great way to learn to sail right from your iPhone or Android mobile phone. Virtual Regatta Inshore is an online sailing game that is an excellent way to 'learn the ropes'. It teaches you all about sailing upwind and other fundamentals of sailing. It's free to join and use and is a fun way to relax.

Racing Sparrow Challenge

racing sparrow poster

Hi Bryn,

Here is the racing sparrow challenge one made from cardboard, three cut on laser cutter from scaling down you plans and using the pdf file. Insides had foam core, sails from banner material, lots of duck tap.

Last seen in bathtubs and pools in eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Mr Joseph J. Rimmer
Co-ordinator of Studies
Design & Technology Department
Moriah College
Bondi Junction NSW

Anton Vandersteen


Dear Bryn Heveldt,

My name is Anton Vandersteen from Eindhoven/The Netherlands.

I have found your design plans of the 'Racing Sparrow' on the internet.
I try to find the printed version of 'Build Your Own Radio Controlled Yacht', in which I can read your useful advise and guidelines.

I am a RYA (Royal Yacht Association) Yachtmaster. In 2012 I was hospitalized for heart failure and that was the end of my sailing career.
In the past I even successfully obtained my GMDSS radio license, First Aid and Sea Survival licenses.
My physician gets almost a heart attack herself when I tell her that I want to go sailing on the sea. Therefore I have to change course and go for R/C sailing.

In particular I am interested in the Racing Sparrow 1000, because I can get that boat classified as a M-Class( one meter) r/c sailing boat and attend the national and international competitions.

In the hospital they even found salt water in my veins, and there is enough water and wind in the Netherlands for everyone.

Greetings from Holland, Anton.

Picklefork Hydroplane


Hi Bryn, well I finally got the Anton Picklefork Hydroplane finished, I must say it has been one of the most challenging models I have made ( and it was a kit !!!) It will probably be a wreck in a week but he didn`t want one of my model yachts!!!

Royal Declerks bad news

declerk6 1 DSCN1389

Dear Bryn, I felt I had to tell you, my beautiful 75, "Jack Sparrow" got away from me due to a radio malfunction and sailed off into the distance across Port Phillip bay to be not heard of again, probably on its way to China?? so have made three land yachts for the grandchildren, sail them at Sandy Point ( Gippsland)

My latest model is a foiling catamaran based on the AC45 (another brilliant NZ design)(very sad to see NZ beaten in the cup) and so "Black Mamba" has evolved.

Yet to do sea trials but if it works as intended will be amazing. Best wishes from Royal Declerck.

Kevins stunning RG65

kiwinb 1 1 kiwinb 2 1

Hi all, Just finished an RG65 RacingSparrow. (I made an 80% size one a while ago, it's in the gallery). Standard hull with 1 layer of 50g glass and epoxy. Deck is 1.5mm balsa with veneer strips on top....

Forum article here

Bill Cobb, Zurich

bill cobb

Hi Bryn,
I built an RS1000 and had so much fun building and sailing it I decided to build a couple of RS750's for my grandchildren in Zurich. Bit of juggling to get them into a suitcase but the whole project worked well and the boys just love them.
Bill Cobb. - what an awesome Grandad!(Bryn).

Build a sparrow in less than 3 hours!


Check out this cool little cardboard sparrow built by John Whitehead from Perth, Western Australia. It actually sails!

Forum post here

Mel Kitson's 750


Hi, Bryn, I enjoyed the build immensely. There were areas where I had some uncertainties, some of which were assisted through the forum posts, and some of which I improvised. All in all I am truly delighted with the end result and now look forward to learning to sail and enjoying many happy hours "playing".

Kind regards, Mel Kitson, Watford UK.

Jeff Fletcher from Bastrop, TX reports

Fletcher2 Fletcher1 Fletcher3

Hello Bryn,

Here are some pics of the frames I made with my CNC router. I used a 1/16" bit. Guys at the local pond loved the parts. They thought they were better than laser cut parts they've seen because there is no charring on the edges to sand off to ensure glue adhesion. The second picture is of the frames we assembled at a local regatta to help spur interest in the RG65.

And lastly, here is a foam hull plug made from the 3-d model.

A previous email read:
Just got started helping out some local sailors with building your boat. I recently built myself a CNC router to do some other woodworking projects, but also get excited when I realized how much work I could save myself with R/C and full scale sailboats, of which I have made several. Was going to make a Star 45, but the guys here turned me on to your website so off we go.

We are wanting to build the RG65 version of the RS750. I downloaded both the PDF plans for the RG65, and the dxf file for the standard boat. I am using Rhino 3D, which allowed me to generate some beautiful hull shapes from your original. Our desire is to use my CNC router to make a plug, to crank out a bunch of hulls for some club racing.

I was wondering if you have a dxf format file available of either the RG65 frames (preferred , that are in the PDF document, or of the entire hull? I like the design changes you made to the RS750 and would like to accurately generate them in a CAD generated hull. Basically, it would save me from having to manually trace the modified sections into my CAD program. Not impossible, but I thought you might have them available already.

Thanks for your help!
Bastrop, TX.

PS, here is link to description of my machine

A different use for your book


Hi Bryn, I bet when you wrote your book the last thing you had in mind was encouraging a young boy to read and use his maths but this is exactly how I have been using your book. In South Australia there is a scheme where people volunteer to work with kids who are having learning problems and I am working with a 14year old boy who did not see much point in learning maths or making the effort to read. By buying your book and building 2 models - 1 for him and 1 for me he has begun to see the point of making the effort to read and learn his maths. He has even gone to his maths teacher and asked for help in working with fractions after having to find the centre of the bulkheads.

You might notice that the hulls appear to be made from timber but these are just timber laminates that we decided to use.

To those who are having trouble finding rudder fittings in Australia I have found that I can make my own by getting some brass rod and tube from my hobby shop and bending the rod at right angles about 10mm from the end and building the rudder around that bend. I then fit the tube into the hull and insert the rod and attach the steering mechanism. Hope this technique will be of help to those who are in trouble.

Kind Regards
Ray Aisbett.

Building on experience

IMGP0288 IMGP0333

Hi Bryn,
Being a complete novice, I purchased your book a couple of years ago and built two racing sparrows. Building on this experience I then went on to build, from scratch, an IOM (Triple Crown design) .I've since joined a local club and sail virtually every weekend. I've also since modified my Racing Sparrows, (sheeting post,bow bumper,2:1 pulley system etc), based on my experiences.

I would just like to thank you for your endevours which have allowed me to enter a world I never thought was in my reach.
John Sterland
Scoresby, Vic.