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2 months ago

Radio Controlled Yacht Electrics - For Beginners

To a complete newby the electrics setup and installation may seem quite daunting. It's not easy to work out how everythi…
3 months ago

Model Yacht Design: Pushing the Limits with Racing Sparrow

The world of model yacht design is one of innovation, precision, and creativity. It offers a canvas for experimentation,…

Using 3D Programs to Design Boats: A Beginner's Journey with Fusion 360

In the realm of digital design, the boundary between what’s possible and what’s dreamt has thinned dramatically. This is…
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Fearless Creation of Lead Bulbs: Exploring Alternatives without Hot Lead

Creating lead bulbs without the need for molten metal? We understand that working with hot lead can be intimidating. But…
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Re-maiden of a Racing Sparrow prototype

Refurbishing my RS750 model yacht has been a fun little project for me, as I have always loved sailing and working on bo…
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This Racing Sparrow has seen better days!

I was looking through my Dad's stuff the other day and found one of the original Racing Sparrow prototypes. It's a fibre…
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