Racing Sparrow Plans

Check out these plans and resources, ranging from a 375mm boat to a 1500mm yacht. Pair these with our eBook guide for a fast, easy, and affordable home build RC yacht.

 Racing Sparrow model yachts, orange rg65 and a black 750 in the background

RS-RG65 - 650mm plans, measures to international RG65 rules

A full forward hull and a straight stern. This boat has proven to be a very fast and competitive racer.

RacingSparrow RG65 v2
 Racing Sparrow model yacht tool set

Free Book Sample - PDF

A few pages from the eBook absolutely free

eBook freeChapters
Racing Sparrow model yacht, red hull sailing upwind with a 45 degree heel angle. looks fast

Racing Sparrow 750 plans

The plans that come with the eBook.

RacingSparrow 750 RS750 A1 fullsize v2 RS750 hull foils
Racing Sparrow model yacht - 1 meter

Racing Sparrow 1000 plans

A one metre version, scaled up lines. Bulkhead only plans. Look at the 750 for full schematics.

RS 1000
 Racing Sparrow model yacht RS1500

Racing Sparrow 1500 plans - A scaled up Racing Sparrow

A larger size model yacht. I haven't seen many of these surface. It's a good challenge to build.

RS 1500
 Racing Sparrow model yacht being held by a woman who is about to launch the boat for a sail

Racing Sparrow 375 plans - The smallest sparrow

A miniature RacingSparrow. A great introduction to building with balsa.

RS 375
racing sparrow footy model yacht, strip planked

RacingSparrow Footy plans

A double diagonal design footy from RacingSparrow.

Footy Sparrow - experimental v1
racing sparrow logo insignia

Logos & Sticker Sheet

Downloadable logos and an EPS file to be sent to a printer and printed out on navy blue cutout vinyl.

Vinyl sticker sheet RS Logo colour RS Logo blue

Common questions about the plans

What tools do I need to build a RacingSparrow?

1. Chisel
2. Craft-knife
3. Drill Bit - 2mm (5/64in)bit 4. Drill Bit - 5mm (3/16in) bit
5. Electric Drill
6. Felt Marker
7. File
8. Hacksaw
9. Hammer
10. Hole Punch
11. Lighter
12. Pen
13. Pencil
14. Pins
15. Pliers
16. Ruler (steel)
17. Sanding Block
18. Scissors
19. Screwdriver
20. Spirit Level (optional)
21. Sponge Brush (several)
22. Vice Grips


Do I need the eBook to build this cool rc sailboat?

No you don't. The book is designed for the newcomer to model yacht building. The book does make it a much simpler process with every detail figured out and covered in the book. Seasoned builders can simply have a go with the free plans.

Are the plans really free?

Yes all the plans are free to download and use as you see fit. The most comprehensive plans are the RS750 A1 full size.

Are there CAD files or 3D files?

Yes there is a 3D dxf file inside a zip file that you can download for free and use how you want. Some people use this in CAD programs or in 3D modelling programmes to great effect. Look under Racing Sparrow 750 plans on this page. An STL file for 3D printing is in the pipelines. Email me if you want a copy.

While we think 3D printing is great, we believe old-skool strip planking balsa is a wonderfully simple way to make a very lightweight boat with excellent longitudinal strength and beauty.

Builders eBook

Dive into the world of boat building with our eBook. Discover the craft of hull planking, fibreglass strengthening, and lead keel ballast casting.

Master the art of electrics installation, spray painting, sail making, and tuning of sails. Download a sample today and embark on a rewarding journey of boat construction.

*USD. Paypal or Credit Card accepted
internal structure - 3d model illustration

What the builders and sailors say:

Being a complete novice, I purchased your book a couple of years ago and built two racing sparrows. Building on this experience I then went on to build, from scratch, an IOM (Triple Crown design).

I've since joined a local club and sail virtually every weekend. I would just like to thank you for your endeavours which have allowed me to enter a world I never thought was in my reach.

John Sterland, Australia

Coming upon your book, "Build your own Radio Controlled Yacht" in the Napier Public Library, I am hugely impressed.

The combination of your superb photos and illustrations with your easy writing style make it a standout publication and I hope it does well for you.

Richard Spence, New Zealand

Thanks for an excellent design in your RG65. I trialled her again today in a solid 20 knots gusting higher. Even so in a steep chop and fingers off the rudder she drove upwind remarkably well, balanced perfectly.

Very impressed that a model boat can handle that with a large rig. I found the book excellent. Ive built several big boats, plus a few skiffs and without that resource building such a good boat would have been impossible.

Mike Bennett

Look at all these cool boats folk have made at home

There is also a full gallery with a boat load of photos of Racing Sparrow's

Tools of the trade

Feb 2, 2019

A moody image of the materials needed to build a racing sparrow model yacht, layed out very evenly

Peter Knox, Canterbury, New Zealand

Apr 30, 2008

A sparkly blue model yacht hull with red and translucent sails, Location: Canterbury, New Zealand

Julian Anthony, Kohuwala, Sri Lanka

Jun 4, 2021

Bright coloured sails on this Racing Sparrow model yacht with a striped wooden deck, Location: Kohuwala, Sri Lanka

Sparrow I found on the net, looks like an rs1500, Internet

Feb 2, 2010

A large green rc yacht with a finned lead keel sits in a cradle in the living room. The sails are almost touching the ceiling it is so tall, Location: Internet

Budi Santoso, Indonesia

Apr 4, 2019

A model yacht sitting on a cradle on the beach, golden sand. The boat has lovely blue wavy graphics at the bow and faux-wood at the back in a swirly transition, Location: Indonesia

The woodwards Father & Son team on launch day., New Zealand

Aug 1, 2007

A young lad Woodwards launching a model yacht on it's maiden sail, Location: New Zealand

Sparkly, England

Apr 23, 2017

A white and blue model yacht, racing sparrow design, Location: England

DKM247 - Proud RacingSparrow Builder/Owner, Melbourne, Australia

Dec 1, 2016

DKM247 holding his racing sparrow model yacht, Location: Melbourne, Australia

Geoff Lewis, Isle of Wight

Sep 22, 2009

Geoff Lewis's racing sparrow sailing upwind on a greenish lake, Location: Isle of Wight

Kevins stunning RG65, New Zealand

Apr 1, 2013

Kevins rg65 model yacht with stripy wood in dark light alternating pattern, Location: New Zealand

Hi all, Just finished an RG65 racing Sparrow. (I made an 80% size one a while ago, it's in the gallery).
Standard hull with 1 layer of 50g glass and epoxy. Deck is 1.5mm balsa with veneer strips on top. Single hatch with rubber seals and 3 hold down I fitted the rudder servo into the recessed rear deck. Corona servos DS339HV digital for the sails and CS939 analogue for the rudder, I fitted a greased cork gasket under the rudder servo arm to waterproof the servo. Battery is a 2S 1000mAh lipo with a regulator for the Rx and rudder servo. Radio is Flysky CT6B. laminated ply fin with 2 layers of 50g glass, rudder from balsa with 1 layer of glass. Ballast and fin is 680g. Mast is slightly taller at 1050 so the sails are slightly different to fit within the 2250cm max. All up weight is 1150g.
I'll get sailing pix very soon.