Build Your Own Radio Controlled Yacht

book coverThis book is designed to help you build a RacingSparrow 750 from scratch using minimal materials and a very minimal tool set. When you buy the eBook you download a PDF version complete with detailed plans, clear illustrations and photos. It lists all tools & materials and shows centimeters & inch measurements. Updated - 3 July 2013. Written by Bryn Heveldt.

Chapters of the book

  1. Balsa Wood Skeleton
  2. Strip Planking
  3. Hull Fairing
  4. Keel Bulb Mould
  5. Lead Bulb Casting
  6. Keel Construction
  7. Internal Structure
  8. Electrics Installation
  9. Deck Construction
  10. Keel Installation
  11. Painting
  12. Deck Fittings
  13. Mast and Rigging
  14. Sails
  15. Hatch Covers
  16. Rudder Construction
  17. Final Touches


Hi Bryn,
Being a complete novice, I purchased your book a couple of years ago and built two racing sparrows. Building on this experience I then went on to build, from scratch, an IOM (Triple Crown design). I've since joined a local club and sail virtually every weekend. I've also since modified my Racing Sparrows, (sheeting post,bow bumper, 2:1 pulley system etc), based on my experiences. I would just like to thank you for your endevours which have allowed me to enter a world I never thought was in my reach.

John Sterland

Coming upon your book, "Build your own Radio Controlled Yacht" in the Napier Public Library, I am hugely impressed. The combination of your superb photos and illustrations with your easy writing style make it a standout publication and I hope it does well for you.

Thanks for an excellent design in your RG65. I trialled her again today in a solid 20 knots gusting higher and with sails that are not perfect being from thick plastic monofilm and dont feather at all well, more like solid wings. Even so in a steep chop and fingers off the rudder she drove upwind remarkably well, balanced perfectly. Very impressed that a model boat can handle that with a large rig.

I found the book excellent. Ive built several big boats, plus a few skiffs and without that resource building such a good boat would have been impossible.

Hi Bryn, short note to let you know launched "Jack Sparrow" today and she sails like a gem, perfect balance both fore and aft and helm. Sails to windward like a dream, no weather or lee helm, tacks beautifully. A truly magnificant R/C model. Regards Royal declerck.

Both sail beautifully and hold a course as if they were sailing on rails, a tribute to your original design skills I'm sure and not my 'tinkering'.