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A different use for your book

12 years ago

Hi Bryn, I bet when you wrote your book the last thing you had in mind was encouraging a young boy to read and use his maths but this is exactly how I have been using your book.

Ray Aisbett from South Australian shown building a model yacht with a 14 yar old boy

In South Australia there is a scheme where people volunteer to work with kids who are having learning problems and I am working with a 14year old boy who did not see much point in learning maths or making the effort to read. By buying your book and building 2 models - 1 for him and 1 for me he has begun to see the point of making the effort to read and learn his maths. He has even gone to his maths teacher and asked for help in working with fractions after having to find the centre of the bulkheads.

You might notice that the hulls appear to be made from timber but these are just timber laminates that we decided to use.

To those who are having trouble finding rudder fittings in Australia I have found that I can make my own by getting some brass rod and tube from my hobby shop and bending the rod at right angles about 10mm from the end and building the rudder around that bend. I then fit the tube into the hull and insert the rod and attach the steering mechanism. Hope this technique will be of help to those who are in trouble.

Kind Regards
Ray Aisbett.